Amateur tech and science geek; linux/OS convert and advocate; relentless tinkerer; wannabe self-builder and off-gridder; barely-credible pilot; backpack traveller, runner; foodie; procrastinating composer; easily-distracted meditator; scheme thinker-upper; benign troublemaker; persistent inquirer; contented husband and proud dad.

As a child I used enjoy taking things apart, just to put them back together again. Sometimes they still worked… sometimes not.

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  1. I enjoyed your post about looking for software for a home server. Mainly because I have similar non-negotiable requirements:
    – NAS file storage
    – scheduled backups
    – Minecraft server for our son

    And possibly the other two from your list as well:
    – Plex media server
    – Bit torrent

    Mainly it boils down to finding a simply NAS that can run a very simple 2~3 person Minecraft server. The NAS will just be used by me alone with my little projects for file sharing, and the Minecraft will be played by me and my son who’s off at private school.

    So what did you conclude with? Only FreeNAS has a Minecraft server plugin, but I just don’t have a powerful enough machine with enough RAM to suit it’s requirements. I’m looking at a DIY solution with Arch or maybe OpenMediaVault.

    Anyway, having read your post I was curious what solutions you arrived at.

    Daniel in Japan

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks for your comment. I still haven’t settled on a solution – OpenMediaVault and FreeNAS weren’t quite right, or even the Debian and Fedora DIY NAS installs I tried out, so I installed Ubuntu Server and I’m still wrangling it into shape (I’ll write that up when I get chance). However, I do have a working Plex media server (Emby as well) and Minecraft server – the NAS is sort of working (some Samba troubles), but I still haven’t got round to the scheduled backup functionality. However, I did get slightly distracted playing with Docker and testing out security features. I’m hoping I’ll get a bit of time to everything working over the next few months.
      Hope you managed to get a Minecraft install up and running yourself, sounds like a good way to get some quality time with your son from afar.

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