What it’s all about…

Scrunched NewspaperThe following is a list of stuff that I’m interested it, and so will probably ramble on about – some more than others, most likely. The list below is not exhaustive, and I will probably find other stuff that interests me over time, as I tend to do…

  • computing, specifically linux, open-source software, programming, data, reporting, business intelligence;
  • general science, technology and engineering subjects, particularly physics or space-related;
  • environmental research and green technology;
  • self-building, going off-grid and smart home tech;
  • aviation, especially small general aviation aircraft and aerobatics;
  • travel, backpacking and going on adventures;
  • running, fitness and nutrition;
  • …and whatever else pops into my head.

Stuff may appear sporadically – there could be a number of posts then nothing for a while. But I’ll try to make sure it’s worth reading.