Shameless music nerd and procrastinator, with a moderate to severe caffeine dependency. Not a morning person. Views are evidently my own as it’s my keyboard.

What else? Insatiable musicophile; espresso drinker; procrastinating composer; very rusty pianist; audio software geek; amateur foodie; relentless tinkerer; wannabe self-builder and off-gridder; barely-credible pilot; retired bedroom DJ; squeamish ex-backpacker who now prefers a comfy bed; lapsed runner; easily-distracted meditator; scheme thinker-upper; benign troublemaker; persistent inquirer; open source advocate; introvert; husband and dad.

As a child I used enjoy taking things apart, mainly to see if I could put them back together again. Sometimes they still worked… sometimes not. Probably a good analogy for my life.