U-HEaring what I’m hearing?

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U-HE are one of my favourite audio plugin developers. I’ve had their freebies for years, which are surprisingly competent. Their Repro-1 and Repro-5 synths were in beta late last year, same for the Colour Copy delay effect this month. I’d love to add full range to my collection at some point in the future. Why? […]

Home server project (part 4)

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It occurs to me that there is a gap in the market for a linux-based home server/media server distro that just works. Works out of the box, that is. A single ISO that someone can boot, install and then connect to the installed web ui to get up-and-running straight away. Like Rockstor crossed with Linux […]

A friendly neighbourhood über-browser

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There’s been a trend in the browser market in recent years – streamline and strip out features that apparently ‘nobody’ uses, let someone else add them back via extensions or plugins. This makes sense for those who only use the basic features, but for power users, developers, geeks and tweakers, all those plugins just slow […]

Home server project (part 3)

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Hmm… OK, this is turning out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. Still not done, in fact still scratching my head wondering how to get this working in the way I want it to work… In the meantime, here are a couple of videos that got me thinking:

Home server project (part 2)

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In an earlier post, I talked about putting together the hardware for my home server project, next I needed to load an operating system. This is where I ran into a few problems… As my laptop runs Linux Mint day-to-day, a Windows server was never a consideration. Naively, I assumed there would be a raft […]


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On a quick visit to the UK, to sell or give away most of our belongings, pack up what’s left and ship out to our new life, in the sunny, dusty desert. I’m trying to prepare my wife for just how crazy the roads are in Riyadh. She’s a bad enough passenger in Manchester, so […]

To the desert…

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So, tomorrow I leave for Riyadh – a new life as an expat, in a country that is virtually impossible to visit otherwise. Naturally I am somewhat apprehensive, but excited in equal measure. I will be leaving my wife and son behind in the UK for about three months, which is going to be a […]

Linux Mint 15

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I have just updated the Linux Mint partition on my laptop to version 15 ‘Olivia’, and moved from the MATE-based to the Cinnamon-based spin. So far, I’m very impressed. It’s built on Ubuntu 13.04, and has inherited the performance improvements of the new Ubuntu release. It boots quickly, it seems smoother and more stable than […]


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I recently came across this video, which helped me understand the basics of how Openstack does what it does: I really love the idea of OpenStack – an open-source cloud platform that’s fast becoming the industry standard, and displacing the proprietary cloud standards in the market – but the underlying technology is not simple, and […]

Partition madness

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The state of my hard drives is getting out of hand. There’s not really anything wrong with them, as such – it’s just that my distro-hopping habit has become a create-new-partition-and-install-new-distro habit. Yes, I know I could satisfy my addiction using virtual machines (I do that as well using VirtualBox or VMWare), but I quite […]

Ubuntu Studio documentation

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I’ve been using Ubuntu Studio since I started experimenting with Linux again last November – it’s a great, multimedia-focused distribution based on Xubuntu, and it comes with all sorts of audio, video and graphics applications pre-installed. It also has a low-latency kernel, which (in theory) means that any real-time audio or video processing should proceed […]

What this is all about…

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The following is a list of stuff that I’m interested it, and so will probably ramble on about – some more than others, most likely. The list below is not exhaustive, and I will probably find other stuff that interests me over time, as I tend to do… computing, specifically linux, open-source software, programming, data, […]